Saturday, January 14, 2017

I Ain't Here For It

There are a lot of high-risk people out there who legitimately don't have anyone to talk to. When you KNOW you have supportive people in your corner, the only reason for taking to social media with your woes is for attention and if that's what you're looking for, there are better ways to get it than posting about how you're going to kill yourself. Putting your family and other people who care about you all in a tizzy out of REAL concern for your FAKE intentions is selfish and I have no respect for it.

You got people calling you, you not answering. We know this because they're saying so on your thread.

People calling each other and nobody knows anything. We know this because they're saying so on your thread.

But 6 hours later, you still posting about your impending death and when someone finally does catch up with you, you're "fine" and again, we know this because they're posting it on your thread so everyone who got sucked into your fucken circus act can rest easy. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Newsflash: People online are just as responsive to requests for prayer as they are to suicide threats. You wanna know if people love you? How about making that your status. You'll get just as much attention without making a mockery of something so serious and sensitive that real people actually do struggle with. That shit literally made me sick to my stomach and trust and believe, when I do talk to this person again, I'ma let her ass have it. Both guns. BLAZING.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In My Bag

Things change, people change, feelings change too.
Never thought the circumstances would have changed you....

Monday, December 26, 2016

Top 3

Sooooo..... you know how you have sex with someone and be like "Oh, definitely top 3?" In conversation with one of my friends this weekend, it came up: what is top 3 exactly? Like..... what if you dealt with someone for a long time and in the beginning they were everything, but over time they got lazy? What if over time it just wasn't what it used to be? Does it take away from what they were? Are they still top 3? I mean..... are they still top 3 because they gave you some of the best sex of your life - AT SOME TIME? Or does their inability to hold that up knock them out? Let's realize also that over time, your memory of a situation may not be as good as it once was so.... I need some help here, because you can't have 8 people in your top 3, so how do you decide? I have to think about this...

Friday, December 9, 2016


There's so much talk about this lately, ghosting must be at an all-time high. And that's terrible, cause ghosting is some sucka shit and that means cowardice is becoming an epidemic. SMH

Now I know it's hard to believe - you're probably sitting there reading this like "Dig's been ghosted??? Amazing ass Dig???" LMAO! Yes, buttercup, even amazing ass Dig has been ghosted LOL. Most single people out here actively dating have been and I gotta tell you, at first, that shit fucked me up. Like.... we was good, WTF happened? Going back through the last time we talked or hung out, trying to see what I did or if we had an argument I ain't realize was an argument at the time.... just trying to figure the shit out. And women, we think up all kinds of potential explanations. Maybe he didn't pay his bill. Maybe he lost his phone. Did he get locked up? Did he get in a horrible car accident and is laid up in somebody's hospital?

[*staring into the camera*]

The first time or two, we'll think up just about anything to keep from accepting the fact that somebody just moved on. Why? It's not because we're so hung up on the person that we can't let it go. It's because simply disappearing on somebody who at least THINKS you really dig them is a fucked up thing to do, and we don't want to admit that this person we thought so highly of would be such a fucked up individual, so there HAS to be some explanation. Well, there is but.... you ain't gon like it LOL. That's why dudes ghost in the first place, in my opinion, to avoid the confrontation. If they hurt your feelings, or God forbid, make you CRY? Automatic bad guy. If they just skate, they don't have to be accountable for any of that cause it's like it never really happened.

Except it did.

So I repeat: ghosting is WACK - I have NO respect for it. Once someone is worth "seeing where it goes" with, they should also be worth a heads up if things change. With that being said, by all means, PLEASE feel free to be out, should you ever feel compelled. Bounce while my memories of you consist of those few good times we had and not some fucked up shit you were bound to do eventually. But if you decide THIS is how you wanna make your exit, please know that traffic in the ghost lane only flows in one direction. Don't bring your ass back.

Monday, November 21, 2016

All The Way Up

I love Remy Ma and Papoose. Every time I see them together, I think.... damn. They on some Bey and Jay shit, on a hood level, and that's the shit I think we all aspire to. I know I do. I want that dude to come along who actually SEES me and recognizes my greatness and puts his whole self behind it. But I will admit that as I watched them on Love and Hip Hop this week, I started thinking about Papoose's greatness and how it's falling by the wayside. He's managing Remy's career and taking it to another level and that is awesome, but he's an amazing rapper too. What about his dreams? If he has replaced his dream of being on stage making niggas sick with his lyrics with a dream of being some manager extraordinaire then fine. But does he still yearn deep inside to be back on the mic? I secretly wish that conversation takes place on screen because I really want to know. Does he have this deep-seeded resentment that Remy's been able to get her career back on and it's come at the cost of his own? I don't know. I just know he's dope and the game needs him and it makes me wonder if my super couple's kryptonite is tunnel vision. Why can't they be the Barack and Michelle of hip hop? I soooooooooo want that. A Remy and Papoose compilation would be so ill. Why isn't anybody else thinking about this??? What's wrong with America????

Oh........... Trump's our President. Fuck!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Co-Pays: I Got "Got"

If you have health insurance, make sure you understand your coverage - at least the basic co-pays and stuff. My family is relatively healthy so we only go for those yearly appointments which could mean we've got totally different insurance than we had the last time we were there, given how often companies change providers. Only thing I knew at any given time was that our doctors were in-network and that's because I based my choices primarily on that.

But I got got earlier this week. I went in for my yearly physical and battery of tests and they charged me a $45 co-pay. Now, I expected to have a co-pay but $45 seemed high - that's usually the kind of co-pay you have when you go see a specialist. So I'm getting my wallet out super slowly, and I ask to be sure, "45?" Dude behind the desk: "45" with an attitude like bitch, that's what I said, ain't it? I pay it but I'm salty cause you don't take my money with no attitude LOL.

Then I get to work yesterday and I sit through the open enrollment webinar - because once again, we're changing providers - and I see on the payment schedule NO CO-PAY for routine "well" services. So when the question/answer phase comes, I ask about it. Maybe it's new for 2017, you know? She says no, it's always been that way. So now I'm thinking real hard because not only have I paid $45 the day before for one of those "well" visits, but I recall clearly paying co-pays prior as well. I'm sure there was an actual sick visit or 3 over the years, but with our pediatrician especially, there has never been anything but physicals and I've been charged. So I guess you know my first contact was to my doctor to let him know he could so kindly reverse that $45 charge and of course, he's all "You're absolutely right! Done." Mm hmm. SOMEBODY entered the visit code, Doc. I ain't saying it was you, even though you made my appointment, I'm just saying SOMEBODY LOL. And you better believe I will be stalking my account to see that $45 come on back.

Benefit shit, especially through work, can be complicated and confusing. If you never pay that shit any attention, zone in during that open enrollment session. If you don't know anything else, know your co-pays. I bet doctors everywhere are charging co-pays left and right because people don't know no better. SMH