Friday, April 27, 2018

My Thing is This.......

In case you've been under a rock somewhere for the past couple of days, here's what I'm talking about:

Everybody and their mama is on social media talking about this conviction. Commentary runs the gambit from "Good, he deserves to go to jail" to "The Illuminati sacrificed Bill in exchange for Meek Mill" (which I'm not even gonna dignify) to "They always coming for our powerful and influential black men." I have scrolled through threads and threads of debates on this issue, today alone, and while there are valid points to be made on all fronts, here's the thing: powerful and influential black men can be predators too. And NONE of them should get a pass. Don't be mad Bill Cosby has to pay the piper, be mad [it appears] the others didn't. THAT'S the miscarriage of justice here.

Not a damn thing going on nowhere else in the world has the slightest bearing on the fact that Bill Cosby is a sexual predator. This man had 7 prescriptions for Quaaludes (who gets 7 prescriptions for Quaalaudes?????) which he got WITH THE INTENT of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with. And it's not up for debate - he ADMITTED to that. Even those women took the pills of their own free will, he's still a creep because he also admitted to having sex with teenagers, as well as paying off [alleged] victims. He should go to jail. Odds are he won't, due to his age and health, but he absolutely deserved to be convicted for his actions.

Say it with me - HIS. ACTIONS.

All this talk about Matt Lauer and fucken Trump and Harvey Weinstein - FUCK. THEM. Yes, them and many other people have [seemingly] gotten away with assaulting and being grossly inappropriate with women (and men) and that is FUCKED UP. But regardless of what anybody else did or didn't do, it doesn't mitigate the fact that Bill Cosby did what he did.. But you think he should get a pass too, huh? If your answer is yes, you really need to question your fucken value system. No sexual predator should be getting a pass. Not even the ones in your family..... *sips tea*......yeah. Don't act.

And racism? Meh. I don't NOT see what you're saying, but're kinda BEING the smoke and mirrors. Comparison is the devil. You are what you are regardless of what anybody else is. Wipe all those other men and incidents off the board and does it not become clear that this man did a bad thing and should be punished for it? Isn't it only when you hold him up against "all those other men and incidents" that there is ANY gray area? Because there hasn't been the same degree of consequences in those other cases? Completely irrelevant to THIS one. This is also not some smear campaign that "so conveniently popped up right when he was tryna buy NBC." **eye roll** Stop regurgitating what you hear other people saying. Bill Cosby wanted to buy NBC wayyyy back in 1992, he wasn't in the process of trying to buy it when this all came out. Do your research and have a seat.

Again, the miscarriage of justice is not Bill Cosby being held accountable for HIS ACTIONS. The miscarriage is that so many others have not. Don't get it confused.

Don't get me wrong; in no way do I dismiss the great things Bill Cosby has done or the inspiration he has been. But EVERYBODY is capable of doing shit you'd never expect from them. Great people can do fucked up shit and sometimes assholes pet puppies. Stop it with the conspiracy theories. Some shit just is what it is.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Nahhhhh, nahhhhh, nah, nah
Wait til I get my money right......
Nahhhhh, nahhhhh, nah, nah
Then you can't tell me nothing, right?

Yall know I've been tryna get my life together and shit for like the last...... when did I start this blog? LOL Anyway, I've been making progress, year over year, and I'm feeling pretty great about those strides, though the mission continues. So next on the list, as of a couple years ago, was to try and salvage the wreckage that was my credit. Admittedly, credit was never even on my radar until I saw how much of grownup life was impacted by it, and even then, it still was never atop my list of priorities. I've always managed to get what I needed - call me resourceful. But then I moved to NYC. Okay, so technically I live in New Jersey but tell that to my rent LOL

Anyway, life here will wear you the fuck out if you don't have your finances in order. I don't care how much money you're making, you HAVE to be fiscally healthy to stay here, especially if you're solely responsible for the bills and God forbid you have mouths to feed. Ever wonder why everybody you know who lives here has a roommate? Bing! Well there you have it.

2002 was the first time I remember having any semblance of what my credit score was. I was leaving my long-term relationship and moving into a complex that required a minimum 630 score, I believe. Granted, I still didn't know my actual score, but I got in so I figure it was at least a 630. I'll tell you one thing; it damn sure wasn't no 630 by the time I moved outta there LOL. This was really my first "on my own" experience and I was a full credit disaster. I couldn't balance a checkbook to save my life so my bank account was in the negative EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. The credit cards I did have were always maxed out and I even had 2 vehicles repossessed because I couldn't keep up with the payments. It was 4 years of robbing Peter to pay Paul and it only got slightly better after my next move. I BARELY got into my next place - they actually told me my credit score wasn't good enough - but I mean..... what's the point of this sparkling personality if not to finesse a thing or two? LOL

Enter 4 more years of floating payments and all I really learned was that car payments and credit cards were both the devil. I probably shouldn't say "all I really learned" because ridding myself of both those things was the best thing I could have ever done for myself at that time. But my credit was still shitty. By the time I relocated, God was surely not the only one judging me but my landlord took a chance on me anyway. See "sparkling personality" LOL I knew I couldn't continue on that path though. I needed to start taking some steps toward cleaning my credit up. I'm about to sound like a commercial but real talk, credit karma made it super easy for me to learn how credit actually works, to see what was actually on my report, and also to view my credit scores. I did everything I could to remove what shouldn't be there, pay what was legitimately owed and even got a couple credit cards because I mean #reallife and plus borrowing power - when used responsibly - can really positively impact your numbers. When I first got the app, my shit was categorized as "poor" so I NEEDED a positive impact. I spent most of the last 2 years in "fair" condition but it wasn't changing much, and definitely not often, so eventually I stopped checking it. But I was still doing the work - paying my bills on time, keeping my card balances low, watching my spending.... I became a whole new woman!

It had been a while since I last checked the app but both my credit cards increased my credit limit recently so I logged in to check my score. Ok. "Good." Cool.

Wait.... GOOD? It took a minute to register but then it hit me. Yooooooooo! A bitch got good credit! LMAOOOOOOOOO!

Was you sayin' something?
Uh uh, you can't tell me NOTHING!

Come THROUGH 2018! LOL

Thursday, March 22, 2018


"We're all the hero in our own story without even realizing we're the bad guy in someone else's."

- Everything Sucks, Netflix

Thursday, March 15, 2018


I needed something today I didn't even realize I needed until I got it from the only place it could have come. The very best of our friends insist on being so, even if it means CREATING a world for you because they know it's what you need. There's something so intimate about that, especially between a man and a woman who are not. Granted, it wouldn't take much on either end, but there's just something about NOT that's worth protecting...........

Friday, February 2, 2018

Get Some

When you win a trip to London and can't expedite your passport in time to go.

It's okay though, I'm actually not upset about it. It may sound strange but I kinda hate the idea of England. Nothing about that place makes me wanna see it. The food prospects alone are enough for me to question why the place even exists, like..... why?

But winning the trip at all is a testament to how amazing my 2018 has been so far. Who wins a fucken trip to London? Seriously. I probably COULD have gotten the expedite in time - the flight woulda just been exponentially higher - but because I opted to just let someone else to go, I wound up with a much better consolation deal: Row D at The Lion King, here on Broadway! I'll take that, thank you very much!

Also seeing Hamilton next month - SUPER excited about that!

Just did my taxes and a bitch didn't owe for the first time in like six years! *fist bumps the universe*

Somewhere in Midtown at this very moment, there's a bat being engraved with my name for having just had the biggest revenue month in the almost 3 years I've been with my company. This will be the second time I'm inducted into the $50K Club, and currently only the second person to do so. Can you say KILLIN' IT?!! And yes - YES, I am tooting my own horn, gotdammit, I work HARD and all these kids wanna damn do is eat LOL.

So pardon my absence of late, I'm out here living my best life, #Bae in tow (you better come on through, 2018! LOL), while I can because we never know how long ANY run - good or bad - is gonna last. I'm tryna milk this cow DRY, you hear me? And there's enough to go around, y'all better get out here and get you summa this 2018! Shoo........